Emby is amedia server application

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Emby is amedia server application.It lets you organize your personal collection of videos,music,and photos and then stream them to various devices like smartphones,tablets,computers,and even smart TVs.

Here's a breakdown of Emby's key features:

Organize your media:Emby can import your media files and automatically add information about them like titles,actors,and album covers.This makes it easy to browse and find what you're looking for.

Streaming:Emby streams your media to any device on your network that has the Emby app installed.This means you can watch your home videos on your phone,listen to your music collection on your tablet,or browse your photos on your smart TV.

Multiple devices:Emby has apps for a wide range of devices,including Windows,macOS,Android,iOS,and even web browsers.This means you can access your media from almost anywhere.

Client-server architecture:Emby uses a client-server architecture.The server stores your media files,and the client apps(on your devices)connect to the server to stream the media.This means you can keep all your media in one central location and access it from any device.

Here are some resources if you want to learn more about Emby:

Emby website:[https://emby.media/](https://emby.media/)